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"Our mission is to provide an environment in which personal artistry is encouraged and creativity is inspired."


Studio Daisho LLC was founded in 2013 by musician and music theorist Jason Rosa. The business was built from his strong admiration towards video game, music entertainment, film / animation, and visual arts industries. The focus is providing professional full-service packages at top-quality and affordable rates. Studio Daisho offers insightful industry experience, utilizing first hand knowledge in recording, audio engineering, promotional marketing and visual design. Under Jason’s vision he turned to Japanese Samurai ideology, the pairing of the Katana and Wakizashi swords. This union symbolizes the coming together of minds to achieve a common goal. Studio Daisho {pronounced: dye-show} thrives on the teams ability to be versatile, adaptable, and innovative. Studio Daisho is located in the cultural habitat of Richmond, VA.

Jason Rosa

As CEO, Lead Composer, and Sound Designer of Studio Daisho, Jason Rosa uses innate musical ability and years of experience to guide projects through final production. He approaches composing from notation, refined during live practice sessions. In arranging an original musical score, Jason "composes to move the piece to complement the overall concept," emphasizing dramatic elements. Jason's methodology was developed by over 14 years of writing, recording, producing, and performing for local bands as a singer and drummer. In addition to being a self-taught musician, he studied music theory (Full Sail University), as well as analog recording and sound. His path has led him to creating Studio Daisho, which he later included producers John Anderson and Albert Clanton. He also aids the business and clientele by raising awareness of product or brand, precipitating strategic sales, and maximize brand loyalty.

Will Arroyave

Wilmar Arroyave is the Concept Artist and 3D Modeler for Studio Daisho LLC. Bio coming soon.

Sung-Joo Byun

Sung-Joo Byun is a Visual Artist at Studio Daisho. He is responsible for creating and managing graphics, visual arts, promotional and marketing tools for clientele. Notable work for company thus far would be the visual / graphics contributed for original video game project The Center. He holds a Bachelor's Degree in Graphic Design from Virginia Commonwealth University (2015). Sung's primary focus is translating each presented project into a memorable and thought provoking piece of art.


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"We approached Daisho with the task of creating a cohesive suite of sound effects for our game that were both fresh and distinct. What they made for us more than met our expectations, and addressed all of our feedback down to the note when offered. Studio Daisho’s talent is only matched by their professionalism..."
- Mike from Root 76

“This team of young artists (led by Jason Rosa) met with me constantly – providing progress reports as the project evolved. Because of their integrity, professionalism, attention-to-detail and creativity, they delivered everything within the specified time. Thanks Studio Daisho, for a job well-done.”
- C.S.

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